Inexpensive Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

70's & 80's bathrooms are NOT in!

As the seasons change, it’s always nice to change up some things at home too. There are inexpensive ways to make your bathroom more beautiful even if you can't afford a full remodeling. These are some ideas for getting a new look on a small budget. They require little cash or home improvement skills but will have a big impact on your bathroom. 

Refresh Your Bathroom Tiles and Walls:

  • Give your old tiles back their shine. Even if your tiles look dingy, all they may need is a thorough cleaning and de-scaling to restore them to their original luster. If you're feeling creative, you could use tile paint and transfers to design some accents on the borders or a pattern in the center.
  • Paint the walls. Paint is always one of the cheapest options for major redecorating. Prepare the walls carefully and you can get great results with bargain brand paint.

Develop Attractive Storage Solutions:

  • Get rid of clutter. Your bathroom will look better instantly if you get rid of toiletries and accessories that have passed their prime. For the rest, develop attractive storage solutions.
  • Find alternatives to the towel rack. Show off your prettiest towels by rolling them up in a steel bucket or a wooden wine rack. You could also fold them up and display them on the rungs of a small ladder.
  • Fashion your storage pieces. Skip the expensive ready-made storage systems and make your own from rummage sale finds and objects you already have around the house. An old nightstand or changing table can be moved into the bathroom. Hairdryers can be stored in fabric bags.

Decorate Your Mirrors:

  • Add patterns to ordinary mirrors. Use stencils and enamel paint to sprinkle your mirror with flowers and hearts. Get the effects of etched glass with inexpensive paint kits.
  • Make your mirror a message board. Change your mirror every day by posting messages to yourself and your family. Dry-erase markers can be easily washed off or use up your old lipstick and eyeliner.

Update Your Lighting:

  • Replace your old fluorescent bulbs. The whole bathroom will look better if you trade your old fluorescent lights for more flattering incandescent bulbs. Always keep scented candles on hand for bath time.
  • Bring in some additional lighting. Add pretty wall sconces for extra lighting and decorations. Small table lamps with decorative shades look great on bathroom counters.

Give Your Vanity and Cabinets a New Look:

  • Add a coat of paint. Shiny enamel paint can spruce up your old cabinets. It doesn't cost much, but give adequate time for disassembling the cabinets and putting them back together again, as well as sanding and cleaning.Modern Minimalist Bathroom
  • Replace the knobs and hinges. New knobs and hinges are another easy way to get a new look. Shop for bargains among discontinued styles. If you're handy, you can craft your knobs from all kinds of common items like spools or brooches or even rocks.

Give Your Plumbing an Update:

  • Replace your vanity faucet. The old 80’s brass is way outdated now. Pick up something trendy at the local hardware store and your vanity can look brand new.
  • Replace your bathtub/shower head. There are so many options and varieties of showerheads now from massaging to the Rainforest feature to double jets. Check them out and see what makes sense.
  • Be sure to give your local plumbers a call (Hint- they’re “quick as a Haire.”) if you need some assistance or recognize any leaks or issues when making these changes.

Learn to Accessorize:

  • Replace your shower curtain. A new shower curtain can transform your bathroom. Pick up styles you like when they're on sale so you'll have replacements around when you feel like a change. Substitute colorful ribbons for plain old plastic curtain rings.
  • Buy some plants. Plants are always a great value. They cleanse the air while they make your surroundings look peaceful. For a bathroom, select species that tolerate high humidity.
  • Pull up a chair. A simple chair can make your bathroom feel more gracious. Raid your basement or look around at garage sales.

Having a beautiful bathroom doesn't have to cost a fortune. With the right accessories and minor home improvement projects, you can make your bathroom look fabulous on a low budget. And remember, if you need help with bigger projects in there like a new toilet, all-new vanity or shower, be sure and give us a call.