Our Friend the Plunger- Not Just for Toilets!

animated plumber character

The first thing that most likely comes to your mind when you hear the word plunger is toilet clog. That is because that is what the number one use of the plunger is. But did you know that unclogging the toilet isn’t the only use for a plunger?

Have you ever had either the kitchen or the bathroom sink or tub clog up and you have not had any Liquid Plumber or Drano in the house? Long hair can be especially troublesome in an old tub.

What to do?????

Simply take your plunger, go to the sink or tub and plunge away. Here’s a quick video from Home Depot to give you some extra direction.

How long it takes to plunge will depend on how bad the clog is. A simple clog can move out on one or two good plunges. But if the clog does not unclog itself within 5 minutes of plunging then you may need to make a quick hardware store run to pick up the liquid or powdered clog cleaner. Then, if that still doesn’t work, you have to call a plumber. I think you know who we are referring to here.

The moral of the story is to try to exhaust all possibilities before you spend money when the answer may be right in front of you for free. You should always keep a plunger on hand for clogged toilets but now you have a second reason to keep one handy. They are cheap to buy and could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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