Can A Portable A/C Be Better Than a Window Unit?

man working with a fan blowing in his face

The North Carolina sun is beating down and you have no air conditioning. Is there a simple solution? You could run to the store for a window unit. But what about a portable air conditioner? Is that better? Let’s take a look. 

Portable air conditioners are small, convenient and can be easily used in spaces that are not best suited for permanent installation. Portable A/C lets you move from one place to another. Generally, these are more useful instead of room air conditioners because portable air conditioners can be easily shifted to your house or office as seasons require.

Portable air conditioners usually come in two forms- split and monoblock. It is an easy task to install portable air conditioners. You don't have to destroy your costly windowsill for a portable A/C. Portable air conditioners are used as spot coolers in the home. You can save money by purchasing just one unit. Some portable air conditioners weigh only about 36 pounds and can be placed anywhere you want. 

These are more convenient than window air conditioners. The portable A/C consumes less energy because it is used to cool one room instead of the whole house. Due to its small size, it can be easily placed in a corner. Portable air conditioners are used to cool as well as dehumidify the air. Its workings are just like window air conditioners. Several manufacturers offer electronic controls in most models that help you to set room temperature, blower speed, start and stop timer, and operation modes such as cool, dehumidify, and heat. Its hand-held remote control helps you to change the settings according to your needs. Portable air conditioners also typically have a built-in air cleaner with charcoal filter and louvers that are used to direct the flow of the air.

Portable air conditioners can be a better option because they can be easily shifted from one work area to another. People are currently purchasing more and more portable A/C units just because of developing cooling technology and its small size. The latest models of portable air conditioners use evaporative technology that is the same as a swamp cooler. These are used to cool a home office or bedroom to small offices or warehouses. In it, a water tank is used to cool and humidify air via evaporation. A portable A/C can also be carried to a motorhome, car, truck, or boat because it is light and it may even work on a battery that uses a 12-volt converter. Portable air conditioners provide effective and quick cooling and it is most suitable for smaller spaces.

In summary, some portable air conditioners offer air purification filters that remove indoor pollutants like cigarette smoke, pollen or dust; and they can make your room more comfortable in the muggy season. They are great for satisfying your temporary cooling requirements. When purchasing a portable A/C unit, you should check its energy efficiency, dehumidifying function and exhaust mechanism. Also, make sure to select the proper size according to room area and model capacity. 

If you have one area that needs cooling just during certain times of the year, the portable A/C might be the better option over a window air conditioning unit for many reasons. But, if there’s a way to get the whole house air conditioning to that room, it might be the ultimate way to go. 

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