It’s that time of the month again…

Change that filter!

Time to check your air conditioning and HVAC system filters!

Let ‘em breathe I say! Dirty filters will cause your poor HVAC system to work harder, will increase resistance, and reduce efficiency, all of which will cost you more money.

It’s like trying to run a marathon with a dirty rag over your mouth! It will shorten the life of the vital components that make your system work as well!

Want to learn more?

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So, check your filters monthly, and change them regularly.  It's suggested to change your air filter a minimum of every three months but if you have furry friends or allergies, you may find monthly works better for your family.

Here are a few tips to help you remember:

  • Put it on your calendar, for example, the first Tuesday of the month.
  • Put a note on your refrigerator.
  • Put an alarm on your phone to check the filter once a month.
  • Put another alarm on your phone to go off quarterly to remind you to CHANGE the filter.

By checking/changing your air filters, you’ll be more comfortable, you’ll save money, and your system will last longer. Have a question or need some help? Give us a call. We'll be there quick as a Haire.